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Provistek offers a complete range of media businesses and holds a vision to become the leading company in Turkey, CIS countries and Middle East for media and broadcasting solutions.

Outside Broadcast Vehicles
We supply custom vehicle and truck services to clients around the world, including OB design, OB build and system upgrades for outside broadcast vehicles.
Broadcast Facilities
We specialise in system integration for broadcast facilities, designing and building broadcast systems of all kinds and sizes. We build systems for all types of business from production and broadcast companies to corporate media owners and distributors to universities and houses of worship.
Studio Installation
We’ve built news studios, entertainment studios, green-screen studios, shopping channel studios, single-camera studios and multi-camera studios for all kinds of broadcasters and production companies the world over.
Media Solutions
A comprehensive portfolio of services for the transmission, distribution and management of video content targeting the broadcasters’ ecosystem, including final diffusion networks, content providers and video transport operators.


Provistek System Technologies is an internationally recognised broadcast systems integrator, with a wealth of experience covering every aspect of systems implementation, from planning and consultancy through to design, engineering, project management, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and aftercare.

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* Customers enjoy flexible, high-quality and affordable solutions for all their live and near-live production needs.
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PROVISTEK-ing the world’s leading integrated digital and analog content creation tools and the leading management and distribution solutions so you can create cutting edge platforms to start your business.
Seeking to use process and technology advances to create business value, PROVISTEK teamed with world leading companies to PROVISTEK the best solutions in the market.

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With the backing of our worldwide business – and benefiting from its size, infrastructure and financial security – our experienced team offers customers a uniquely broad and flexible service, both operationally and commercially.

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Provistek System Technologies customers benefit from AV, IPTV, cable infrastructure, production facility, large-screen playout and digital signage support in venues ranging from sport, entertainment and educational use, to religious, corporate and eSports events. Our solutions are engineered to ensure you’re constantly connected and fully prepared for content creation and distribution.

Blending both traditional and cutting-edge technology, Gearhouse Broadcast designs and builds full-service studios and production workflows. Working closely with you to assess your specific setup requirements, we’ll ensure your production needs are met at every stage.
We work closely with our customers to enable them to create cost-effective productions anywhere in the world. Our skill lies in helping you choose the right solution and equipment for your specific broadcast requirements, helping you to minimise your time on site while maximising your output.

OB Van & DSNG Mockups

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Main PROVISTEK Projects

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  1. ZOR TV – Özbekistan OB VAN – 2020
  2. ZOR TV – Özbekistan 2 sets of Complete TV Studios, 1 MCR & MAM – 2020
  3. KTRK TV Kırgızistan 8 Camera Mobil studıo production -2018
  4. Eurasıa TV1 Kazakistan 8 Camera Mobil studıo production -2017
  5. TV 19 Çorum Comple Broadcast Tv system
  6. IMN (Iraq State TV) – TV Graphics systems – 2013
  7. IMN (Iraq State TV) – 4 complete SNG Trucks – 2012
  8. IMN (Iraq State TV) – 3 complete OBVAN Trucks – 2013
  9. IMN (Iraq State TV) – 2 sets of Complete TV Studios -2012
  10. A + A Group 3 Big LED Balls in one of the city center of Baku– 2013
  11. Tikrit FM Radio – Complete Radio Systems – 2012
  12. Eurovision Song Contest, Baku – 50sq meter Telefunken LED  – 2012
  13. IMN (Iraq State TV) – ENG Systems -2011
  14. AzTV – Production and technical Services for Military Parade – 2011
  15. TV State TV) – Portable Productions Systems – 2010
  16. Azerbaij 24 – Suspension system for Studio Lights – 2011
  17. IMN (Iraqan State TV (AzTV) – Weather Graphics system – 2009
  18. Umedya – Video equipment – 2008
  19. Bahcesehir University – Complete TV Studios – 2007
PROVISTEK had relied on a 20-year-old broadcast solution experience to manage its businesses and it is a globally recognized equipment supplier and integrator to the broadcast, telecommunication and cable industries.


We test the entire system to ensure it is fully operational and achieves all performance specifications. We orient and train your team for a smooth transition.


From a dozen cable assemblies, to installation of 300+ rack data centers, when you partner with BIS you will receive the same level of committed service. Partial or complete system pre-builds are undertaken at our premises prior to on-site implementation.

M.Akif Albayrak has more than 37 years’ of experience in the TV broadcast and display technologies. He worked in different positions of different technical departments of TRT, State Turkish TV and Radio Corporation for 17 years of active service. After he left TRT in 1991, he started to work for a private TV channel, Kanal 6 as the technical founder of TV establishment. In 1993 he joined Dogan Group to launch the biggest private TV channel of Turkey, Kanal D. 

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He was the head of project planning, architectural planning, installation and turnkey integration of all Kanal D studios and TV infrastructure.The completion and the integration of Kanal D project took him 18 months. He worked for Kanal D as the head of technical operations for another 36 months. M.Akif Albayrak worked for different TV groups like CTV, Kanal 9, BRT and DRT as the senior technical director. He worked for Provid and Provistek companies afterwards as the technical consultant and head of project management of many TV and Display projects. M.Akif Albayrak has a great experience of project and team management. He can create and manage the teams which are required for the project perfectly. His motivating and management skills are key for the success of many projects of Provistek Company. He organizes the various professional people working on a project, making sure that all the aims of the project are met, making sure the quality standards are met.

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M. Akif Albayrak,
Head Project Manager